Allison Rinaldi

Brunswick Billiards

brunswick billiards

Brunswick Billiards makes high-end pool tables.
Insight: People like to hang out at the house that has a billiard's table.
Tagline: You can’t buy friends, but you can buy a Brunswick.

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Logo Redesign: The current logo has beautiful typography, but is too busy and doesn't say anything about billiards.

Brunswick Billiards cuff links to play pool in style.

Share a scotch with a friend in a Brunswick Billiards glass.

Brunswick Billiards Towels: Mop up the spoils.

Airbnb X Brunswick shows which homes have a Brunswick table.


Billboards spread the word.

New Logo: The new logo uses the legacy type treatment for Brunswick, but emphasizes what Brunswick is known for: billiards.

Brunswick Billiards score board.

Rest your drink on a custom coaster.

Brunswick will endorse customers on LinkedIn. (click image to read)

Showroom signage helps seal the deal. (click image to read)


Brunswick Billiards' AI experience helps you imagine what
a pool table would look like in your home, friends included.

Student work for Brunswick Billiards
Art Director: Allison Rinaldi
Copywriter: Parth Raval