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Mème De La Mème: Recipes for the Internet Connoisseur

Mème De La Mème

Recipes for the Internet Connoisseur

We think it’s downright silly to have to put down our phones in order to, you know, “eat.”
We’ve taken some of our favorite Internet tidbits and turned them into actual edible bites.

We also imagined how we'd like to share our internet foods
with America via a food truck that could visit as many cities as possible. 
Proceeds from the food truck will be donated to support Net Neutrality.

Here's how that will look:


Justin Timberlake Hair Ramen
Say Bye Bye Bye to hunger with this commemorative cup of warm 90's boy band noodle goodness.


Jesus Toast
It's a sign from above that it's time for toast on our signature
Challah-lujah bread.


Chihuahua (or) Blueberry Muffin?
Warm, buttery, sweet, and fits conveniently in your tote bag to carry around town. So you can feel like Paris Hilton today.


Salt Bae Steak Kebab
Steak tips on a skewer, with Salt Bae himself* providing the final seasoning.
*Not actually. You gotta salt it yourself, dude.


We got way too into this project and bought matching aprons
to make everyone think we were actual chefs. It worked. Kinda.


Photo credit: Sachee Malhotra

Art Director: Allison Rinaldi
Copywriter: John Sokolowski