Allison Rinaldi

Sick Burns Candles
Product Development

sick burns

America’s Meanest Candle™

We started a mean candle company. As our candles burn,
they reveal an insult on the reverse side of the label.
Some things are better burned than said.

------- Sick Burns were sold in the VCU Brandcenter pop up shop in 2018 and sold out! -------

Click on the arrows below to reveal each candle's Sick Burn,
which is revealed on the reverse side of the label when the wax melts down.


We even had a sale at Brandcenter, just in time for Valentine's Day.
We sold 61 candles in 2 hours — more than one every two minutes!
It was so. much. fun. We're women with a mean business.


Everyone loved their mean candles.

Also someone called the fire marshal.

We had a blast making the candles ourselves from scratch.
Process photo credit: Shifra Samuel

Art Director: Allison Rinaldi
Copywriter: Allie Carr