Allison Rinaldi

Sick Burns Candles
Product Development

sick burns

America’s Meanest Candle™

We started a mean candle company. As our candles burn,
they reveal an insult on the reverse side of the label.
Some things are better burned than said.

Click on the arrows below to reveal each candle's Sick Burn,
which is revealed on the reverse side of the label when the wax melts down.


We even had a sale at Brandcenter, just in time for Valentine's Day.
We sold 61 candles in 2 hours — more than one every two minutes!
It was so. much. fun. We're women with a mean business.


Everyone loved their mean candles.

Also someone called the fire marshal.

We had a blast making the candles ourselves from scratch.
Process photo credit: Shifra Samuel

Art Director: Allison Rinaldi
Copywriter: Allie Carr