Allison Rinaldi

Virginia Spirits Rebrand
— Produced Work —

Virginia Spirits rebrand

------- Produced work -------
Challenge: Virginia Spirits is a non-profit association of craft distillers across the state of Virginia.
They came to us in need of a brand refresh.

New brand promise: Virginia Spirits is the gateway to a universe of endless exploration.
New strategy: Invite people to explore the endless universe of Virginia Spirits.

It was the winning rebrand and is currently in the process of being produced.


The identity is inspired by Virginia’s vibrant landscape and the logo shape
refers to a droplet of a craft spirit.
Photo credit: Eliza Hadjis


Logo Concept: The logo reverses to a pin point on a map to reference exploration.


The new color palette is inspired by the unique Virginia landscape instead of colors of the spirits themselves, which is common in this category.


The new logo will be printed on soft shirts.


Bottles of Virginia Spirits will come with a mini booklet and a sticker.


The typography is a mix of old and new styles, which parallels how the industry continues to change and grow.


Icons of maker profiles highlight the individuals that pour their soul into every drop of craft spirits.


Coasters are another fun place for the logo to live.


People can collect the stickers and put them on the Explore Virginia Spirits Map.


The map will show people all the distilleries across the state.
Once they've tried one, they can add a sticker to their map.


Virginia Spirits will start a bottle club that people can join with their friends.
This will make more expensive spirits more accessible to all and encourage trial.


Restaurants can stamp the logo next to menu items that use Virginia Spirits.


Recipe cards will encourage people to try Virginia Spirits at home.

The website will reflect the new branding, and also feature a
digital, interactive version of the Explore Virginia Spirits map.

Virginia Spirits Team
Creative Brand Manager: Chelsea Sams
Strategists: Joe Bae & Eliza Hadjis
Art Director: Allison Rinaldi
Copywriter: Tony Jorgenson
Experience Designer: Tyler King